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International partners wanted!

In 2006 Ungermann introduced the award winning MicroTec technology for retarder proofers.

Since then we do have amazing feedback from bakery customers all over Germany, Switzerland and the Netherlands. The extremely successful product delivers major advantages to bakeries using retarder proofers:

  • MicroTec saves up to 30 % of energy cost against standard systems.
  • MicroTec boosts quality of the bakery goods and delivers fresh products of outstanding taste and stability.
  • MicroTec allows maximum flexibility in production and logistics of fresh dough products.

This can be prooven by a steadily growing MicroTec customer group. It is already in use for small breads, baguette, rolls, bread (up to 1200 g).


Ungermann is searching international partners who are professionals in bakery technology and want to adapt the MicroTec advantage for their domestic market. Please contact us for further information.


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